Do you like Greek food and a bargain? Look no further, Sula’s is the place for you.

The Tab gives Sula's 3.5 stars!

With more than reasonable prices and giant-sized portions, every student must visit Sula’s in Portswood before they graduate.

Amazing Greek food, affordable prices and friendly staff who make you feel like you’ve popped into their Greek home for a catch up.

Meet the Sula's family!

Meet the Sula’s family!

Lets start with the drinks. They only sell individual-sized bottles of wine, but for only a few pounds each you can always stock up. And most soft drinks are only £1.

For only a few pounds, nothing tastes better than this!

For only a few pounds, nothing tastes better than this

On to snacks and starters. Probably the saltiest olives ever tasted, but with a glass of white wine they slip down nicely. The feta cheese is a huge portion so be warned not to eat anything beforehand.

Slightly more than your average Greek snack!

Great for sharing

At less than a fiver, their Pita Gyros Chicken makes for a tasty main meal. The dish is basically Greek chicken and chips in a pita with sauce, but at these prices who could argue with that?

The meat comes in two styles: Gyros or Souvlaki and you can choose from chicken or pork for your pita wrap.

A feast fit for a king!

A feast fit for a king

If you don’t fancy eating in, get a take-away and grab your pita to go.

You can also order a Sula’s from home. There’s a minimum spend of £15, but delivery is free if you live within two miles, £5 if you don’t.

The restaurant’s inside seating is very limited so don’t forget your coat as you may find yourself eating outside. Located opposite Waitrose in Portswood, it’s ideal for a last-minute bargain meal.

Only down the road!

Only down the road!

Have you eaten in Sula’s? Let us know what you thought in the comments.


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  • Dan

    I’m pretty sure article quality is on some kind of deliberate downward curve. It’s like someone barfed a book of linguistic clichés at a computer screen. Will Sula’s remove the taste of bile?


    Greek tragedy

    Could have just saved us the trouble and attached a link to their website. This article really doesn’t give anything away does it?


  • Anon

    This article does not do Sulas justice.


  • Tammy Sula


    This is Sulas Greek Taverna. Thankyou for your review and putting us out there. We are still relatively unknown, but once you eat with us you will come back. We pride ourselves on providing fresh, affordable, healthy (ish) food. We are a very friendly bunch and try to make you experience a little bit of home!!! During the exams in January we will deliver upto the library, to your halls of residence or home addresses.
    Our web address is

    Or please call us on 02380 552425 for any queries.