Fancy shaping up? Of course you do. 

Christmas, revision snacking and post-exam trips to Jesters haven’t been great for our fitness recently.

But this year the goFIT challenge has come to Southampton Uni to get us to move around more and improve our health and fitness.

It’s a 12 week fitness challenge from the 9th of February.

The challenge is to team up with a few friends and try to increase your physical activity per week.

sport image

The competition has been designed to promote healthier lifestyles for students all over the UK.

Designers of the goFIT competition chose to do so after researching that more active university students and staff are more productive with academic work and less likely to get ill.

Teams of five to eight can sign up onto the goFIT website and get the mobile app, which monitors the amount of activity each team member completes for each week.

The programme encourages staff and students to walk more, run more and pick up healthier food on campus.

The designer of the GoFIT challenge programme, Professor M.C. Schraefel, said:

Want to perform better and with less effort? If we reconnect our brain and our bodies – we get these benefits for free – and the fastest way to start that reconnection is to move. If we move the body, we stimulate the brain.

As soon as we get more mobile, we automatically and immediately reduce stress, improve health and get smarter – just as a side effect – we can’t help it.

Up for the challenge?

Register your interest in goFIT now here.


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  • Tom

    You can’t lure us in with a thumbnail of pole dancers, to only include a photo of some lads playing rugby in the article. Bait and switch!


  • Former ECS Student

    You… you dared to put m.c. schraefels name in Capitalised Case… may God have mercy on your soul.



    I didn’t even recognise the name at first.