It’s that time of year again. The arguments of who is going to live with who, the unforgiving marathon of visiting houses with a hangover that could kill a cow.

Wouldn’t it be perfect if there was a website that would solve some of these problems? Well look no further, because ‘Video Digs’ has arrived.

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Video Digs is a brand new student letting business set up by current and ex students of the University of Southampton. It has two very unique and useful attributes that set it apart from other letting agencies in Southampton.

Firstly, Video Digs is not an agency. It is a business set up to help students find houses without the hassle of agencies. This means that the middle man is cut out. You speak directly to the land lord of any property that you are interested in, without any middlemen.

Plus, by going direct to the land lord, there are no dreaded agency fees to pay. Your wallets can breath a sigh of relief.

Video Digss also innovates student house hunting by removing the chore of visiting houses all together. As the name suggests, each and every property that is on the website can be viewed through a virtual tour.

As their website states, Video Digs saves you time by:

  • Cutting out unnecessary house viewings
  • Each property has a virtual house viewing that includes a 1st person view of the entire house using a wide angle HD video camera
  • Choose the house you really want to see and remove those that you know aren’t right without having to see them in person

The guys behind Video Digs have purposefully delayed their launch to be in line with the University of Southampton’s ‘Don’t rush housing’ campaign. As they state on their website:

We are a company founded by students, both past and present, and we don’t agree with the unnecessary pressure that is placed on students to sign contracts early.

Unfortunately, as this is a new business, ‘Video Digs’ is beginning with just ten properties on offer. However, we are ensured that:

Once the ball gets going we’ll expand quickly. We’re trying to remove the middle man, thats our number one goal.  

So if you haven’t already found a house for next year, and want to make your house hunting experience a little more stress free, then maybe ‘Video Digs’ is the way to go.

Properties will be available on Video Digs from 1st February. Visit their website for details or email [email protected] for more information.

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  • Gizta

    Sounds like a great idea but I don’t understand the business model – do the landlords pay Video Digs fees for this service? Their website doesn’t say either.