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uni student prank mattress in toilet ensuite

WE’VE ALL HEARD THE SAYING: living in student halls is the best time of your…

Powerful licks dominate Leave The Future Behind

OUR HUMBLE PORT TOWN of Southampton has been a surprising petri dish of musical talent….

NATIONAL PRIDE IS RUNNING HIGH on the wave of twenty-nine Olympic gold medals won by…

knife scum

Bret Ware brings you more worrying tales from the mean streets of our fair city.

election mk 2

We tied Bret Ware to a chair and forced him to watch a bunch of campaign videos. He was thrilled.

Bret Ware gives his opinion on SUSU’s relaunched Nightlife at The Cube

humbug cat

Tomorrow will be my twentieth Christmas. Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen the presents under…

Firefighters in Hazmat Suits at Wildern School

Bret Ware kicks off our new bizarre stories from Soton column with tales of domestic stabbings, jousting and self immolation. Lovely!


The ante has officially been upped for getting riotously drunk as quickly and stealthily as…