The Soton Tab has learned today that sadly one of Portswood’s most famous locals the ‘Seafood Man’ has passed away.

Richard King died at home aged 62 after a short battle with liver cancer, his three children and wife survive him. Richard, affectionately known as the ‘Seafood Man’ was a well loved face among Portswood pubs and clubs selling cockles, whelks and prawns. Richard has even been immortalized by the local band Get the Tape in the ‘Seafood Man’.

Richards cry of “Does anybody want any seafood?” was a popular surprise for students when they were drinking around Portswood as were his unique products on offer. Many students spent time talking to Richard in between sales and found that he was a friendly and approachable man.

I was in Jesters and he came up to me asking if I wanted Seafood, we got talking and I learned that he had worked in the area for years. He wished me the best for the rest of my Degree, I liked him.

The landlady of the Shooting Star on Bevois Valley Road remembers Richard

 A lovely man who would come into the pub and shout, ‘Does anyone want seafood?’ All the pubs and places around here will miss him.

Richard ‘Seafood Man’ King, from the students at the University of Southampton you will be sorely missed.


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  • Miles

    Nooooooo, this is so sad! I remember as a child when my dad would stop him in the middle of Portswood just so I could have prawns and seafood sauce, and my teeth standing on edge when the wooden pick would scrape the polystyrene tray. Good times!


  • G

    Been in Southampton for last 7 years, whenever I saw this guy in a pub I happened to be at in Portswood, I always bought either a small pot of Mussels or Prawns, this would usually entice other revellers or mates to to buy a pot themselves! He was always friendly! RIP Richard ‘Seafood Man’ King