There is light at the end of the tunnel… honest.

To those Soton students currently trying to stuff in the last bits of revision, or writing those tedious references, you can sleep easier tonight, in the knowledge that you are attending a university that is highly regarded amongst employers.


The University of Southampton has been named the top South Coast university for attracting graduate employers according to the High Fliers research group‘s first annual Graduate Market report, released on Monday.

We ranked 17th out of over 140 institutions in terms of the number of large companies that targeted our graduates.

The report also indicated a 7.9% increase in the number of graduate vacancies over the last 12 months, with that number set to increase by a further 8.1% during 2015.

We came out above Exeter, with Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Plymouth and Solent, which didn’t even make the top 25 (hardly surprising, of course).

VP Education at SUSU, Sophia D’angelico welcomed the result:

It is fantastic to see that our University is quite literally one of the high fliers. Particularly with the increase in fees in recent years, it is encouraging to know that graduates from our institution are viewed so highly by employers. Hopefully this ranking position will only keep improving.

This will come as welcome news for those fretting over plans (or lack thereof) for post-graduation, especially against a backdrop of a vulnerable economy and uncertain political future.


So keep doing what you are doing and you are statistically likely to get a half decent job at the end of your degree.

Even if the country does turn to anarchy by the end of the year, take comfort in the knowledge that you probably won’t have to pay your student debt back.

In case you have nothing better to do with your time and or would appreciate some heavy reading in place of revision, take a look at the full Graduate Market report.

Or if you want more specific details about how graduates from your course got on once they left, visit the Government open data site for universities.

Has this news eased your worries about entering the world of graduate employment? Or do you not give two monkeys about it? Let us know in the comments.


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  • Solent

    Great objective journalism there. “Solent, which didn’t even make the top 25 (hardly surprising, of course).

    You know they teach journalism at Solent right? And it does a hell of a lot better quality stuff than this.

    Bravo Southampton, bravo.


  • Solent Guy

    Yeah but I go Solent and do football studies which get you loads of money, especially because Solent is one of the best football studies Unis in the world. Even when managers do badly they get paid loads, look at David Moyes for example. There’s a shortage of good managers in football so my employment prospects are looking bright. Don’t write off Solent, we get employed too!


    Christopher Gutteridge

    He’s not wrong.

    The only red flag is that only 53% start out in a professional or managerial position, but that may be a quirk of the industry. Looking at similar courses at other Unis they have a lower “in employment after 6 months score” and a similarly 50:50 split on professional positions.


  • Classic Troll

    Hope that doesn’t include working at SUSU, we ALL know that isn’t actually a job


  • Confused

    Pretty misleading title…the report (as you later mention) is about the number of campuses that companies visit, and that of the top 100 employers more visit here than elsewhere in the south not that they hire any of us.

    P.s. unless I’m mistaken it also says we were 17th not 18th. Not like you guys to undersell when it comes to belittling Solent.


    Lucy Dyer

    We have noticed the mistake and updated the article now. Thanks.