A student house in Portswood was burgled early this evening.

The incident occurred on Livingstone Road at around 7:30pm this evening. An iPad and laptop were stolen.

The intruder placed a ladder in the back garden to an open upstairs bedroom window and got in.


One of the residents returned to the house to hear the sound of footsteps upstairs, before seeing the back garden light turn on.

The Maths student told us how he assumed the garden light must have been triggered by a dog, until he went to his room and realised his iPad and laptop had been stolen.

He then checked the garden and saw the ladder, but not the burglar, who by this point must have already escaped.


The police were called and 30-40 officers searched the area around Gordon Avenue, Livingstone Road and Alma Road.

Livingstone Road

Everyone in the house is ok, but shaken. The same student continued to say:

I’m fine, just shaken up by it. When the other people I live with came in, we went looking under beds which was the scary bit.

Please remember to keep all windows and doors locked when you aren’t in the house. Read our helpful tips articles for keeping your house safe here and here.

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  • Another Anon

    Used to live near here, and unfortunately I’m not surprised. Hope everyone in the house is ok!