On Wednesday Night, SUSU hosted a Q+A with its elections candidates. The Soton Tab caught up with them afterwards to ask a few questions of our own, and, of course, snap a pic with them showing off their favourite student news site. Even Kerry.

Time was somewhat limited, so we asked them all the same three integral questions:

1) If you could only keep one point from your manifesto, what would it be?

2) What’s your hidden talent?

3) Stag’s or Bridge?

First up, the Welfare candidates. Eva posed sweetly for us in her Tab sticker, before revealing her impressive musical past…


1) Tough one! Definitely the enrolment housing survey- emphasising getting the best agencies across

2) I sang in a band!

3) Stag’s

Chibeza managed to run off before we got hold of her, but we tracked her down using social media. We’ll have to test her on that Britney impression…

1) It’s hard but I have received so much positivity surrounding my plans for the SUSU Market

2) I can do amazing impressions, I’m very good at Britney and M.I.A

3) Stag’s!

Sam looked happy as larry with that Tab sticker. He, too, has a musical past, but slightly different to Eva’s…


1) Tough. Horrible question. Got to be support of mental health. It’s so important students feel comfortable getting support

2) I used to play the tilpenny drums in my school orchestra

3) The Bridge.

Next up were the Engagement girls. Hannah was more than keen to pose for us with a Tab sticker branded on those funky trousers.


1) Collaboration with the community

2) I’m bad at breakdancing

3) The Bridge- I spend more time there

Jenny, meanwhile, smiled sweetly with the Tab sticker and revealed her passion for snow sports.


1) Individual tailored training to our members so that i.e someone doing sponsorship is trained by someone in the know.

2) Scuba diving. But I haven’t been in a while. I’m also a snowboarder.

3) I live in the Bridge, but i’d choose the Stags. Karaoke!

The Sports candidates were next- an all-boys candidacy this time. Stephen was happy to chat, and even happier to reveal his hidden talent.

stephen tongue

1) Professional coaching

2) I can touch my nose with my tongue

3) Bridge- I’m more of a G+T man.

Ashley was really chuffed to wear the red sticker. He also unveiled his inner-clown…


1) Tiered gym membership

2) I can juggle

3) Bridge!

Roman posed for us with both the sticker and the biscuit that we offered him. Unfortunately there were no coke cans around…


1) Improve communication

2) I can stand a coke can on its side!

3) Bridge in the day, Stag’s at night.

Jamie gave us a lovely, cheesy grin. After umming and arring for far too long about his hidden talent, he remembered his culinary expertise.


1) Tiered gym membership

2) I can cook! Beef teriyaki is my specialty

3) Bridge- the food is nicer.

Student Communities came next. Anjit gave pulled an interesting face for the photo, and proceeded to show us his very impressive ability to switch accents.


1) International student support

2) I can switch accents

3) Bridge. Stag’s is an evening place.

Rebecca, meanwhile, posed in a slightly more traditional manner. Judging by her hidden talent, you wouldn’t want to challenge her to a fight…

 1) Independence for Winchester

2) I’m good at karate

3) Stags

The sole Education candidate, Shruti, was full of bubbles when we spoke to her. She knows Harry Potter inside out.


1) Increasing workstation access because it affects everybody

2) I can tell you all the differences between the books and films of Harry Potter

3) Bridge- it has everything. I love spiced rum.

VP Democracy and Industries came next. Chris, who was already on the red wine, showed us that he can do amazing things with his ears…


1) Overhauling Union Council. I want to decrease bureaucracy to help students relate and get involved.

2) I can wiggle my ears.

3) Bridge. Get more work done here.

Kerry proved that there is no student newspaper rivalry by posing with our sticker. She’s a very flexible girl…


1) Challenge perceptions about SUSU

2) I can twist my arm the whole way around!

3) Stag’s.

Finally, SUSU Presidents. Ben revealed a hidden talent that isn’t very ‘hidden’. We’ve all seen that video…


1) Getting students back behind SUSU

2) Twerking.

3) Bridge.

Sebastien put down his heavily alcohol beverage to pose for our photo. It took several takes but we got there in the end.


1) Special considerations for late essays

2) I don’t hide them very well! Cooking!

3) Bridge. Actually no, Stag’s is better.

We never knew that The Bridge was so popular! What do you think of the candidates repsonses? Let us know in the comments below!

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