On Sunday 8th March the University of Southampton’s very own Korfball team won the BUCS National Championship 2015.

The University of Southampton Korfball Club – aka the Southampton Spartans, was only established in 2012, yet by last year the team was already well on their way to winning, reaching third place in the National Championships.


Southampton University Korfball Team (not forgetting the trophy and mascot, Spartacus)

Having lost to University of East Anglia in the semi-finals last year, old rivalries were restored when on Sunday the team faced host team UEA again in the final, who this time suffered a brutal defeat at the hands of the Spartans.

With a great start to the match, the Spartans were up 4-1, but by half-time UEA fought back up to 5-4. Southampton remained in the lead most of the second half, until UEA pulled it back to 8-8.

Yet, in the final moments the ever-determined Spartans pushed ahead in the closing stages, winning the match 9-8 and walking home with the title.

But what an earth is Korfball?, I here you ask. Soton Tab spoke to Spartans captain Nikesh Patel to find out:

Korfball is a fast-paced and dynamic game that is the only truly mixed team sport in the world. It has similarities to netball and basketball, but you’re not restricted to a certain position, so you have to be equally good at attacking and defending.


If you want to find out for yourself what exactly Korfball is, there is a free training session available on Thursdays from 20:30-22:00 in the Old Sports Hall.

The 2015 Korfball National Champions celebrate...

The 2015 National Champions celebrate

The captain also offered a special message to the team:

I couldn’t be more proud of the team. Every single player has worked so hard throughout the year and to win the BUCS National Championship in our third year as a student club is truly incredible!

The fight and courage we showed to win- even at five down in the semi-finals- was that of a true Spartan. I think it’s fair to say we’ve created a memory that none of us will ever forget!

The Spartans take home the gold

The Spartans take home the gold

Not only did the Spartans walk away with the title, but the day ended even more triumphantly with the announcement that Alex Bell, Nikesh Patel, Kate Hotton and Emma Bryant had been selected for the GB University Korfball Squad to play in the University Korfball World Cup this Easter!

Go Spartans!

To find out more about our amazing Spartans and Korfball, follow the link here.


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    Basically just a super lame version of basketball