Southampton local Anthony Gormley, 20, has admitted an assault and two counts of robbery on students.

Lodge Road ATM

The court heard Gormley plead guilty to the robbery of student Alice Kenway in the early hours of February 11th at the Tesco cashpoint on Lodge Road.

He stole £200 and a bank card from Alice, who was in the process of making a withdrawal. The victim was unharmed, and no weapon was used.

Alice told the Soton Tab:

I was happily surprised at how quickly the offender was apprehended and dealt with. Obviously I had a doubt that he would ‘get away with it’, but the police were very efficient.

Unfortunately [a similar attack] isn’t something that can necessarily be stopped as there are people willing to do these things, but it can be avoided. Don’t go anywhere alone on a night out, not even to ‘pop to the cashpoint’ while your friends get the first round.

I may have done that trip a thousand times, but it doesn’t mean to say it was safe to do so. Just bare in mind that we live in a city and that crime does happen, so be vigilant

Gormley is currently awaiting sentencing in custody. He also admitted the robbery of £30 in cash and a bank card from Joseph Reynolds, and the assault of Oliver Ethell.

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  • Djir

    In court they are two COUNTS of robbery, not ACCOUNTS.


    Benjamin Lowrie

    Woops! Noted and changed, thank you.