Salsa Soc performed an impromptu flash mob in the city centre at the weekend.

Inspired by Rueda de Casino international multi flash mob day, a type of dance where partners form a circle, they surprised passersby outside Burger King and the 99p store.

Participant and keen Salsa Soc member, Fraser Bowen, said:

It was so last minute. We decided to do it two days before!


Catherine May Simpson, who is on the committee and organised the event, told us:

We heard about international Rueda de Casino flashmob day through an organiser who had planned one in Bournemouth. Ours was very much a spontaneous rueda with little practice, but we wanted it to be fun and spur of the moment anyway as it’s all about people just enjoying themselves dancing!

The reaction from the crowd was good! Passers by seemed intrigued and a few even stopped to watch – and film us and take pictures, which was nice.”

Seen any crazy flash mobs in Southampton? Let us know in the comments below.


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  • Zih

    Is it a flash mob if a dancing society head to the city centre and perform a choreographed routine?



    Pretty much all the huge flashmobs that you see on YouTube conducted all over the world have hundreds of people dancing the same dance, in unison.

    Pray tell, how do a group do this without a rehearsed routine?

    Unless they’re all telepathic. Which would also be awesome.


  • Name

    lol the sounds been taken off. makes the video not so good I’m afraid :L


  • cringepatrol

    This is cringe