SUSU called, and you answered. A list of your proposals for change has been compiled, and now it’s up to you to rank them.

Last week SUSU asked you the question: if you could change one thing about SUSU, what would it be?


Suggestions have flooded in and you now have until tomorrow to vote for the ones you think are most important.

The highest ranked will be discussed at the on 13th May 2015 in The Bridge at 12 noon.

You can see the suggestions here and voting is only open until tomorrow, 30th April 2015, at noon. So hurry.

Highlights include:

– A statue of SUSU the cat

-The abolition of student fees (ambitious?)

– A 24-hour gym

-Tea and coffee stations in the library

-Charging points on campus

-Free dissertation printing

-No classes that finish at 6pm on a Friday

The list of 120 suggestions is available for you to browse at your convenience.

We spoke to Megan Downing, VP Democracy & Creative Industries, to find out more about the project.

I feel this project is vital to reach out to the wider student body and the ‘Change One Thing’ notion is something that can easily be taken on by ALL students, as it’s a question that every student can answer.

Whether it is about their course, about their union or anything else they care about in university life, we can tap into that and try and make real change.

At a time when SUSU has come under criticism for failing to engage with students, Megan is feeling positive about the response to Change One Thing:

We’ve had an overwhelming response to our Change One Thing project for the Annual General Meeting, with four times more ideas submitted than last year!

This is something I’m SO excited about because it is so important that we’re giving a voice to so many individual students who want to make change. Students only have until TOMORROW to vote for the ideas that they care about the most!

What do you think is the most important thing that needs changing? Rank them on the SUSU website and drop us a comment!


Leave your response!

  • SMH

    (Sorry for the initial negativity, there were some great suggestions on there, but others… Smfh)
    Looks like the young greens were out in force on the survey; Removing all links to the arms and oil industries? Are you aware this is one of the few universities open to students with military scholarships? Or that were a drop in the ocean (inb4 oil spill) regarding sponsorship from the oil industry? Sheikh my head… Altruism is all very well and good in your own head, but it has practical implications for other people.
    Also LOL at the “be more like the NUS” one – SUSU may be riddled with problems but at least it’s not affiliated with the cancer on the face of students that is the NUS!
    Props to whoever suggested: Gym improvements, late opening at avenue, student oversight of grad ball and more stuff for medics (I may not be one, but I hear their pain); You’re the real MVPs!


  • Oh look.

    Another cretin that doesn’t understand how card charges work.


  • Clinging on

    Both NUS ideas ranked abysmally: -41 for another referendum and -60 for NUS-style student leaders. Good good. Stay strong SUSU

    (Before anyone attacks the NUS-style student leaders/Liberation officers point, they’re a good idea, for SUSU they’d probably work better than the massive E&D remit… But whoever submitted that idea and framed it in those terms is a moron)