Earlier on today we held our famous non-democratic AGM to make sure the Soton Tab is in good hands next year. 

Writing and editing for an audience of thousands is a very important job but after hours of trawling through applications we think we’ve found the best brains in Southampton.

We know the suspense is killing you, so here you go. Meet the 2015-2016 Soton Tab Editorial team:

Editorial team 2015-2016


Ben Lowrie and Joel Foreman are this year’s top dogs.

News Editors

Ed Bannister and James Slonina are now responsible for the biggest scoops and juiciest news in Southampton.

Opinion Editors

Anna Christoforou and Harry Majin will be handling your rants this year.

Features Editors

Sammy Brichard, Elle Larson, Rebecca Rodney and Poppy Whitworth will be managing this growing section.

Entertainment Editors

From music to theatre, Mary Sullivan and Rachel Winter have got this covered.

Recruitment and Social Sec

Get used to this face because Jake Fritz will be recruiting you for the Soton Tab soon.

Marketing and Finance

After doing a swell job last year, Trini Philip is still the Head of Marketing and will be managing our finances this year too.

Technical Director

I’m not sure what we’d do without you Oli Bills!

Your 2014-2015 team. Goodbye from (most of ) us!

Your 2014-2015 team. Goodbye from (most of ) us!

So there you have it, another generation of Soton Tab Editors. All we’re missing now is YOU, join our Soton Tab writers’ group on Facebook


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  • Sammy Brichard

    who’s excited? I am!


  • Name

    Can we have more articles on hot tub parties please


  • GarbageMan

    letting the lunatics run the asylum i see


  • Anon

    Please can we have some more riveting articles to follow on from this year’s excellent press? I remember when the Tab was actually better than Wessex Scene


  • Stannis

    Will probably be more engaging than the new VP Engagement