TrackStack is a new innovative music discovery application being developed by two Southampton students. 

Cameron Jenkinson and Tom Bell had a dream. A dream they could make it easier for people to discover and hear new music from a range of sources.


The premise of the app is that you listen to a track. If you like it, you swipe right and save it. If you don’t, then swipe left to send it to a place where you never have to listen to it again. It’s just like Tinder, except now you know you’ll get a match every time you swipe right.

As the app is still brand new Cameron and Tom decided to initially just include electronic and dance music. However, they have assured us how, as the app grows, more genres of music will be added.

At the moment we felt that going for specific communities around genres was the best way to develop the brand and the application

They also said:

Once we feel we’ve built up a solid user base around that community we will begin to integrate other genres, working with other communities moving towards integrating a full spectrum of music for people to discover

The apps interface seems really simple and easy to use with its ‘Two step discovery’ system. First choose you genre, then a release date, now you’re ready to listen to the music and choose what you like.


The app gathers music from places like Beatport, Soundcloud and Youtube and collects it all in to one easy to use music discovery app. No more will you have to visit several different websites or apps to discover new music. TrackStack will do it all for you.

Although TrackStack’s main purpose is for discovering new music it doesn’t end there. As it says on their website, you can create better playlists and keep up to date with the latest music every week.

Including this, the app also personalises the music to your tastes.

It’s powerful social recommendation algorithm is focussed on ensuring each track is something you will like.

Unfortunately TrackStack is not yet released. The boys have got a prototype made and have tested it in a beta trial. At the moment they are putting the finishing touches on it before it is released this summer.

However, you can sign up to their email list on their website for all of the information on the app and its release. Alternatively you can like or follow them at  and .

Let us know what you think about the TrackStack app and about anything you’d like to see included in it in the comments section below. 


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  • Keith

    This app could be huge, great idea


  • Blah

    Not that a superior implementation can’t trump the first to market advantage. Good luck boys.