Police are hunting the van of two men who attempted an armed robbery on the Burgess Road branch of Santander this morning.


The branch, just metres from campus, was targeted at 10:14am this morning by two masked men, who are alleged to have carried out the attack with hammers.

Police confirmed they got away empty handed and no one was injured.

They are now appealing for witnesses to help them track down a white van that was last seen driving away from the city, down the Avenue.


Customers this afternoon were faced with this sign

A community support officer on the scene at 5pm confirmed there had been no developments in tracking down the suspects or their van.

A staff member at neighbouring John Smith’s bookstore told the Soton Tab staff were “feeling very shaken” after the robbery.

Hampshire Police have described the vehicle as having “2, possibly 3 occupants and had silver foil on rear windows. Vehicle registration plate YK03 FHG.”

If you have any information about the vehicle, please contact Police on 101.

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  • MC Hammer

    I for one am disappointed at the lack of “stop. Hammer Time” memes in this atrocious excuse for an article. Hammer has alimony to pay and publicity to hunt.