The owner of Marshals Bar on London Road has confirmed they have entered administration, according to the Daily Echo.


Despite opening less than a year ago, in October 2014, Marshals CEO John Greenwood has confirmed the American-style ‘speakeasy’ bar has been closed down for good:

I’m just as disappointed as all our customers that it’s shutting down. It’s mostly upsetting for our lovely staff, it was a great venue with a brilliant atmosphere, good food and drink and a really good team of people working there.

The news comes just days after Marshals Director Max Greenwood denied reports the bar would be closed after staff received letters informing them “the company is no longer in a position to make payments to you for services rendered”.

He insisted the closure last week was for refurbishment, and that they would reopen after the minor works had been completed.

During its short lifespan the bar had become a popular spot for students on bar crawl socials in the Bedford Place area of Southampton

Ellie, a second year Maths with Physics student, said:

I’m devastated, Marshies was my favourite place to get drunk but only for a bit

Charlotte, a third year Geologist, said:

I was going to go last Monday, heard it was closed and thought I’d try their Texmex Monday in September…. Looks like that isn’t happening, so its quite a difficult time for me right now.

A message on Marshal’s Facebook posted last Wednesday informed customers the bar would be closing to “undertake some powerfully essential works”.

However, this was today amended with a comment confirming “[they] had no option to wind up the business as it completely unsustainable”.

The refurbishment and doors being moved were scheduled to start on Sunday 19th and hence the bar was closed on that day. The original time estimate was for a few days.”

“We are liable for the fully repairing lease and security of the Marshals premises. As we are looking to sell on this lease we have to complete these works.

“The Marshals staff were informed immediately on Wednesday morning the 22nd when we heard from the Receivers that we were placed into administration.

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