Breaking news for SUSU as VP Welfare, Beckie Thomas, has been admitted to hospital after a 30 foot fall in a climbing accident. 

The incident occurred over the weekend while Beckie was on a trip with the mountaineering club and she fell 30 foot. She is currently at a Sheffield hospital waiting for the results from a CT scan to see if she will need surgery.

Caroline Jessop, Head of Communications, Marketing and Technology at SUSU, has said

VP Welfare, Beckie Thomas

VP Welfare, Beckie Thomas

Beckie Thomas our VP Welfare was involved in a climbing accident this weekend, which has resulted in her being admitted to a nearby Sheffield hospital. Union President, David Gilani said “Our priority at this time is Beckie’ s welfare and recuperation; and we send our best wishes to her for her recovery.”

For the time being all the other Sabbs will be pitching in as a team to cover Beckie’s work, predominantly David Gilani (Union President). Her diary has been cleared for the immediate future.

Will we update you as we hear more.

Everyone at The Tab would like to send their thoughts to Beckie and wish her a speedy recovery.


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  • Mimsy

    We need a VP of Welfare Welfare for the VP Welfare


  • Dan

    *30 feet (“she fell 30 feet”)
    *Sabbs (unless you meant the cars…)

    Shame such a sensitive article is written so poorly. Hope she makes a quick recovery.