Shocking footage shows five young men engaging in a vicious brawl on the Coppins Bridge today, during which only one person managed to land a capable punch.

YouTuber Gaz Sharman has uploaded dashcam footage of the incident, which started after a driving altercation, and ended with an embarrassed woman coming over to stop the five men attacking one-another.

The incident devolved into a free-for-all after one of the original combatants flopped himself over the other, fell over, and had his partner wade into the fray on his behalf. This precipitated the engagement of a further two men, who flailed their limbs for England, but not much else.

At the end of the video, everyone involved can be seen stood around their cars ruefully explaining to their mortified girlfriends how the other side started it.

The police have been informed of the incident, but have made no arrests. Information relating to the incident should be reported to the Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800555111.

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