Basshunter is the latest act to be revealed for the 2015 Grad Ball.

Basshunter will be joining Labrinth and Katy B in the Ice House for the nineties and noughties themed room of the ‘Music Through the Ages’ Grad Ball.

B*Witched will be performing in the eighties and nineties Disco Room.

Basshunter grad ball

The Swedish singer-songwriter and DJ has released six albums in total, two in the UK. But if you know more that ‘Now You’re Gone’ and ‘All I Ever Wanted’ then we’re impressed.

I think it’s fair to say, a Celebrity Big Brother reject isn’t all we ever wanted.

The Grad Ball is taking place on June 8th 2015 in Oceana. You can buy your tickets from the SUSU Box Office for £50.

What do you think about the current Grad Ball line up? Let us know in the comments!


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  • Disappointment

    I mean really. Come on. Who the hell is organising this? Why didn’t you actually do a little research and ASK students who they wanted instead of forcing us to pay £50 for a load of has-beens.

    Everything is disastrous from the unimaginative theme using oceanas existing decor, to acts no one cares for.


    sad grad

    They did a few years ago with nightlife survey. 20% came first with cheese, no one named an act that everyone wanted in the comments, so what genre first and foremost is hard enough to agree on.

    I guess its easy to say its harder than it looks, but it is. Nobody bands still charge £10k+ easily for grad ball gigs. Big names charge up to £50k. Also, they all have schedules, and prefer to not do these events – example was case in point – availability is hard.

    Before you say the budget is huge, itl be about 2300 people times £50, so just over £100k, with a margin in case tickets don’t sell. Do you want 2 big name acts who might cancel, and nothing else, or a range of acts plus fairground, other things to do on the night, and the experience? If you want more acts – say 5 – who? Name them, and look at their tour list and see if they’re even in the country first. Then look at city and if they’re busy. Then see if they’re booked for isle of wight festival, as sometimes there’s restrictions placed by those organizers to prevent bands gigging within a time frame before the festival…

    It might not be the name people want – but odds on he’ll know he’s not a draw, and just play good songs rather than try and sell records through his set. Plus, you’ll have an awesome time if you go in with the mindset of enjoying it – this conversation happens every year: “oh itl be shit… Oh it was actually great”.

    Enjoy, basically.


    sad grad 2

    could not agree more! i can just about live with the choices for the acts but the theme is by far the worst idea anyone could ever think of!


  • Mr Pessimist

    I may not be someone graduating, so this isn’t relevant to me, but Basshunter hasn’t made music in years, and when he did he was absolute shite.


  • anonymous

    I will never be afraid again, I will keep on fighting til the end. …….i can walk on water I can fly

    I’m your base creator!!

    Jingle bells (out of season but sure)

    You’re my angel in the night…

    My dad was a raver, feel my pain


  • All i ever wanted

    Was to get value for money at Oceana ???? ran by twats, for twats.


  • Dylan Craig

    As long as I can sing along to C’est La Vie I’m grand


  • False Advertising Police

    This isn’t a “ball”. It’s just another night out at Oceana, with acts that most people wouldn’t normally pay money to see. Get the Grad Ball moved to a decent venue that we don’t normally go to and use homegrown SUSU djs spiced up with one or two medium-sized headliners.
    As it stands, most savvy folks are planning on boycotting this kind of event and just partying it up with their pals for a fraction of the price.
    Also, who the fuck gives a shit about the fairground?! If you want to go on rides, get trollied and go to Thorpe Park. Waste of time and money.