The 2014 travel sex survey revealed that travellers like to get busy in more ways than one over summer. It’s not all about culture and monument selfies, over 11,000 tourists told HostelBookers about how they like to get down and dirty abroad.

According to the survey, men claimed to sleep with an average of three nationalities whilst traveling, preferring the Russian, Polish and Colombian. Whereas the girls were more into the Irish, Australian and the British and only slept with an average of two nationalities.

Brits were considered one of the hardest groups to get, 14% had trouble pulling the Germans and 10% felt the French were a little frigid.

time to go interNAILING

Time to go interNAILING

This year people were hooking up in a variety of public spaces, including pools, toilets, common areas of hostels and in the street. Even transport wasn’t safe with frisky young’uns doing it on trains, buses, planes, boats and motorbikes. Although I’m not quite sure how that last one would work.

Couldn't resist!

Couldn’t resist!

However, the survey revealed that it’s not all just sand chafe, sun and drunken spooning. 48% of couples broke up over traveling and 16% revealed that they cheated on their significant other while away. Brazilians were considered to be the most unfaithful country with the French not far behind. Maybe not so frigid after all.

But it isn’t all doom and gloom. Just because the tan lines fade doesn’t mean the romance has to! One to five travel flings turn into a relationship- that’s a comforting thought for all of you nursing the hangover of sunstroke and regret.

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  • An honest human being

    Believe Brits are one of the easiest. Propaganda again in the sotontab