UPDATE: Mayflower Halls have been left barely recognisable after their sign has been cruelly defaced once more. 

The previously returned ‘L’ has been brutally snatched again, this time along with the ‘W’. The solemn sign now reads just ‘r Halls’.

Mayflower sign 2

Rhona Graham, a First Year German and Spanish student, has managed to make light of the situation;

R halls, in the middle of R street

We are still no closer to identifying the culprit[s], please let us know if you hear anything. 



The Mayflower mystery continues as the ‘E’ has now vanished from the sign, with the ‘L’ miraculously REAPPEARING in the meantime.


The capital ‘M’ has also gone. Now down six letters, the sign is barely recognisable.

Mayflower residents remain puzzled by the disappearances, but are even more baffled by the curious return of the ‘L’.

Resident and MSci Marine Biology student, Sebastian Sims, said:

The ‘L’ has returned but other letters are gone, what sort of a cruel game is this?

Another student simply commented:

It’s ridiculous.

If you have any more information please comment below, we will keep you updated if we hear more.



 The Mayflower Halls letter scandal has intensified. The sign now reads a mere ‘M……wer Halls’.


The culprit, or culprits, remain unknown.

Following the further disappearance of the ‘F’,  the ‘L’ and the ‘O’, first year English and Philosophy student Jordan commented:

These letters must be made of platinum for people to want them.

Another, however, suggested that the mysterious disappearance of the letters is not something to be dwelled over:

Is it just me who couldn’t care less? They’re not vandalising anything important… It’s a sign.



Mayflower Halls has been the victim of a series of cruel and mysterious burglaries.

Southampton’s newest halls has already had a pretty rough first term, with 20 fire alarms, lifts being set on fire and overflowing bin stores.

But now residents find themselves the victims of LETTER STEALING. On Tuesday 14th, it was first documented that the ‘A’ was GONE.

Wherefore art thou A? Photo credit Jordan Mac Phee-Torres

Where for art thou A? Photo credit: Jordan Mac Phee-Torres

Rumoured to be gang related, the residents of Mayflower are naturally distressed by this heinous crime.

Jordan, a first year English and Philosophy student, told the Soton Tab:

Somewhere, some place in Southampton, someone has completed an alphabet with our precious letter A. We miss you, A.”

Such heartbreaking words.

Just when the panic was beginning to settle, and students were beginning to give in to that end of week lull. The thief struck again, stealing the precious ‘Y’. Why oh why?

Now its doesn't even make sense. Life can be so cruel. Photo credit to Kyriaco Loco Amante

Now it doesn’t even make sense. Life can be so cruel. Photo credit: Kyriaco Loco Amante

Now rather than being a reminder of Southampton’s proud port heritage, the new halls seems to be named after something your cockney aunt might call you after a few too many sherries.

Kyriaco Loco Amante, Accouting and Finance student, is worried that this isn’t the end:

First it was the A now is the Y… What’s next?”

Some students are starting to see the more serious side of the matter. James Eddington, a first year History student, said:

We pay £140 a week and they can’t even supply us with a fucking sign!

If anyone has seen or heard of the missing letters, please comment below. Help us spell Mayflower again.


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  • anonymous

    Don’t forget the wash rooms being late, cold water showers, and numerous smaller issues and we have to pay such a large amount, management should give a partial refund for everything we pay for that doesn’t work!!


  • Dame Freddington

    James Eddington, if I pay for something in a shop and some stupid little fuckstick fresher steals it, is it really the shop’s fault?


  • big p

    Also I was in town when they were building these halls and there was a massive explosion which filled the sky with thick black smoke and everyone around thought it was a bomb. Turned out to be a gas bottle explosion though. I bet the students living there are paying for that health and safety fine too!


  • snooper

    Pretty sure the uni will bust the balls of those responsible when they find the letters in a room inspection… the comedy value will soon fade when there’s a massive fine and an example made of the petty criminal(s).


  • Ronald Swanson

    Must be solent. It’s always solent.


  • Susu_cat

    Is this the same halls that also exploded when it was built?
    Why don’t they just make the signs out of an alloybaluminum and polonium. Then we’ll find the thieves.


  • Really?

    Why not put up a proper sign, looks like those letters are simply stuck on?

    May as well put up white board and some fridge magnet letters and have done with it as put a few sticky letters up on a brick wall.