Do you hate having to beg your housemates to pay for the bills on time so you don’t get cut off? SetSquared winner DividaBill told us how they aim to resolve this problem.


You and your housemates all having fun paying a bill together

The student business was recently awarded the ‘Best Graduate Business’ award by SetSquared, an enterprise partnership of Southampton, Surrey, Exeter, Bath and Bristol University which aims to promote enterprise among young people.

SanEco, a project which aims to “provide sanitary solutions across impoverished communities through the empowerment of entrepreneurs”, won ‘Best Student Enterprise’ while Metix won the ‘People’s Choice’ Award and ‘Game Changing Enterprise’.

While these business have international ambitions, DividaBill is more focused on students here at home.

Mike Austin, Head of Growth, explained that DividaBill is a brand new online service created by Southampton University Alumni which manages your utility bills for you.

Their service aims to deal with all of the complicated stuff (choosing providers etc.) and let students can simply sit back and focus on your degree (or spend hours watching YouTube videos of cats squeezing into boxes…but still, less stress right?).

You can currently sign up for Gas, Electricity, Water, Internet, TV License, Sky and even Netflix.

You can get a free quote, and if you refer a friend your house will get £20 off of your next bill.


In terms of making money, Mike explained:

“We are completely free – no hidden fees – because we are able to bulk buy and pass on the savings even after making a small profit.

Ultimately we pass on the majority of the savings to our customers as a matter of principle.”

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