There are loads of letting agencies in Portswood, but did you know SUSU have their own one right here on campus?

SUSU Lettings 1You’ll find SUSU Lettings on Highfield Campus in the heart of the Student Union. Thanks to its prime location, they have unrivaled access to 23,000 students, giving it a unique opportunity to market properties before they look to high street agents.

SUSU currently have a variety of student properties to let, with this number slightly increasing as the year progresses. They work with multiple landlords, offering a diverse array of properties ranging from a studio flat to an eight bedroom house.

While they don’t offer short-term contracts, with the majority of contracts lasting 12 months, they do occasionally offer ten-month contracts for those of you going home over summer!

We spoke to Becky Thomas, VP Welfare 2014-2015, about SUSU Lettings. She said:

SUSU Lettings was opened to provide students with an agency who put student rights before profit. There are no fees, which is great!

So many students came to the SUSU Housing Advice Fayre in January, which suggests they didn’t neccessairly rush to find a house before Christmas; this was the whole point of the Don’t Rush campaign!

You can pop into SUSU Lettings to look for a house, or register your interest for future houses.

So if you are still looking for a house for next year, don’t panic and pop in for a visit.

You can ‘like’ SUSU Lettings on and follow them for more information. They’ve even got a blog.

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  • a former officer

    I don’t understand why SUSU has not cornered the market by banning letting agencies from coming onto uni premises (I’m sure a nice chat to the VC would sort it) and ‘blackmailing’ landlords to come on board with them because of their privileged position.

    Once the monopoly has been established, standards can be raised and bad landlords can be pushed out of the market. This is what happened in Cardiff.

    The ‘Don’t Rush’ campaign has been run for many many years, and has been proven not to be effective. Surely a decision gets made that it should be abandoned and steps taken (through a SUSU monopoly) to protect students.


  • Zih

    What property (and behaviour) standards do SUSU Lettings require from their landlords? SASSH was supposed to fulfil the same role, but it just added legitimacy to many of Southamptons worst slum lords. I’d happily pay a fee if it meant knowing that the houses were up to scratch and the Landlords weren’t sociopaths.