12 hours in Jesters? Easy, you say. Wrong. But if you follow our advice you just might survive.

If you’re attempting to earn yourself a Gold Card this weekend by spending 12 long hours in The Palace of Dreams (nightmares after 10 hours) then follow these simple steps to make sure you don’t crack.

1) Do not go out the night before. There is nothing worse than spending 12 hours in a nightclub with a hangover.

Jesters Alex

2) Treat yourself to a big breakfast. Kate’s or Poppins will suffice, or Trago Lounge if you’re feeling extra fancy.

trago lounge

3) Get there early and get a table. This may mean spending an extra hour in there but trust me it’s worth it. What’s an extra hour anyway? You don’t want to be sitting on the floor the whole time.

Jesters stairs4) Snacks. And lots of them. There is nothing worse than food envy. Now is not the time to try and be healthy by bringing a salad and an apple, you will crack.


5) Don’t peak too early. Don’t be the guy that has to be escorted out before the 12 hours is up.

Josh Drunk

6) Choose your friends wisely. Nothing tests a friendship more than sitting squished next to them on a crate for twelve hours.

Jesters Patrick Joss

7) Bring some non-electronic entertainment. It’s highly likely that your phone and iPod will die six hours in. I suggest playing cards. As good as Monopoly sounds, it will end in tears and someone will have to carry that round on the dance floor.

Jesters papers

8) Wear your Jesters shoes. The toilets are just as bad in the day and come 11pm the dance floor is just as sticky.

Jesters shoes

9) For the love of God don’t lose your ticket that get’s stamped when you arrive.

The Challenge

10) Enjoy yourself. The cider fest is a great day if done properly.

Jesters cider fest

Can you think of any more tips? Share your advice in the comments!

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  • Helen Lovejoy

    Take your own toilet paper! Nothing worse than doing a shit in clowns only to realise there’s none left…