UPDATE: Good work everyone, Shana won. Congrats Shana!

Could this be the battle of the year?

Shana Sexton, second year Marketing, has been harassing our Facebook news feeds for the past week in a bid to win a summer internship with the Bamboo Project.

Shana getting up close and personal with an Elephant

Shana getting up close and personal with an elephant.

Being the only British person to reach the final three, Shana is representing the country during her attempts to win “the experience of a lifetime”.

In order to win, Shana needs likes, shares and comments on this Facebook post:

You should like it too- or share if you’re feeling extra kind.

True war was declared when her Australian competitor called Shana a “POM”, which is an insulting term for a British person.

But the Vixen has also been named the “powerhouse Facebooker” by the owner of the Bamboo Project.

One of Shana's social media attempts to win the Internship battle.

One of Shana’s social media attempts to win the Internship battle.

Shana has managed to reach over 50,000 people with the of her travelling experiences, almost double what her competitors have achieved.

She is hoping that this will be enough to conquer her foreign competitors in what has been a draining week-long challenge.

The incredible results that were released on Wednesday.

The incredible statistics that were released on Wednesday.

Still, with only one day remaining, the Soton Tab is giving Shana that extra boost to achieve her goal of “going even more viral than when Kim Kardashian broke the Internet”.

Shana is attempting to break the Internet.

Shana is attempting to break the Internet.

Shana’s housemate, Jordan, gave her some truly encouraging words, with his comments:

We are all behind Shana, mainly because we hope that she will finally leave the country so that we can all get a couple of months of peace.

Another one of Shana's classic gap year shots.

Another one of Shana’s classic gap year shots.

If you want to be part of Shana’s success (or just want to save her housemates) make sure you get involved by liking, commenting or sharing her video .


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    lets all help the little kids by paying me 5 billion pounds to go on holiday
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