With Jesters out of action for a few weeks, is it possible to find love in a less-tested place?

As the daily grind of revision is slowly wearing everyone down, there’s nothing better than a bit of eye candy to bring a smile to your face.

Introducing the latest phenonemon to hit campus, the Library Bae.


Fuck the haters, love is in the air

So, once again your day begins with an early start and a looming trek to the library. You can barely keep your eyes open as you scout out a free seat, preferably near a rare plug, preferably in your regular comfortable spot, preferably near the window and air-conditioning system.

Then, as you finally settle down to work, the girl or boy of your dreams sits opposite you. This is Library Bae.

Exam period is the perfect time for fate to take over and bring you and your Library Bae together everyday. Sooner or later you could find yourself in a full-blown relationship in Hartley.

You don’t even know their name, but you’ve journeyed together through the daily struggle, you know what each other likes to eat for lunch and you are proud of the commitment and trust you have shown each other by never straying from your usual spot.


Ask “bae” to watch your stuff whilst you go to buy snacks from the shop. It could be the start of something beautiful.

You’ve spent evenings telling your friends what you and Library Bae got up to that day, to the point where they are getting jealous and might even start revising at Hartley in the hope of beginning their own library relationship.

The likes of Tell Him Tell Her and YikYak are great ways of measuring whether they feel the same way. With these social media match-makers, your relationship with Library Bae could even blossom beyond just your imagination and flirtatious games of pretending not to notice each other.


It could come true…

And if you’ve made it this far, why not wish your new library love luck for their exams and ask them out for a celebratory drink afterwards?

Bridge cocktails

A match made in heaven aka Hartley

What is there to hold you back? In the midst of all the gloom a cuddle from Library Bae could be just what you need.

Have you found love in the Library? Let us know in the comments below!


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  • Cynic

    Damn, I’m so behind the times. What is this YikYak?


  • Sex pest

    Thanks Tab! This has made me realised that the female who works with me is actually my library Bae. Gonna have to ask her for a drink. (And penetration.)