If you’re a virgin festival goer heading to a camping weekend this summer then take note – here’s the Soton Tab’s top 8 essentials to survive days of music and mud galore.

1. A waterproof jacket 

Optimism won’t keep you dry when the heavens open, and, let’s be honest, we do live in Britain so it most probably will rain.

mac2. Dry shampoo 

Those with long hair should opt for French plaits for the first couple days, then apply dry shampoo to tousled waves for a new lease of life. The saviour of all females (and you boys with muns), dry shampoo is a necessity for styling that mane and keeping grease at bay. You lucky short-haired folk can make the most of being able to stick your heads under the drinking water taps.

dry shampoo3. Portable charger 

Unless you’re taking an ancient Nokia brick (which isn’t a bad idea if you’re prone to losing things) then your phone battery will not last 4 days. So buy a battery powered charger and Snapchat away to your hearts content (because your absent friends really want to see what they’re missing…).

4. Headgear 

Girls, gather up as many flower garlands as you can find, along with feathers and bejewelled headdresses, because nothing says ‘I’m embracing the festival spirit’ better than sticking some gems on your face and donning a crown. Boys, it’s all about bucket hats this summer. Come rain or shine, at least this one’s practical.

P10803415. Hand-sanitizer

You’ll be able to count the number of times you get to wash your hands with actual water over the festival weekend on those very fingers. So we recommend to keep your sanitizer on you at all times.


hand sanitizer6. Footwear – wellies

This iconic festival footwear choice is sure to keep you dry whilst protecting your feet from being trampled by the masses.

…and flip-flops

Wellies are great but HOT. As soon as you get back to your tent there’s nothing you’re gonna want more than to let your feet breath so chuck some flip-flops in your rucksack to prepare for post-rave relief.

P10804037. Toilet roll

Take your own on those trips to the toilet blocks. You won’t wanna be without it.

8. Your TICKET!

Don’t be that friend who waits ‘till the entrance to realise that they forgot the most important thing they needed. No amount of begging or bribing will get you through the gate so if you can only remember one essential, make it this.


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