The Hobbit pub was the target of a shameless break-in as CCTV images appear to show a man entering the pub before opening and emptying the charity bucket at the bar.

The man climbed over the back fence of the Bevois Valley pub to access the bar through the Beer Garden, first checking the till before finding it empty.


He then turned to the charity collection bucket, allegedly carrying the bucket to the toilet before leaving it empty on the floor.

The Cancer Research UK bucket is believed to have only contained around £30.


The Hobbit’s landlady told the Daily Echo:

“What’s foxed me is the fact that the pub is completely locked up and shut from the front. The garden is completely enclosed.”

“He’s climbed over the fence gone all the way round through the pub garden, through the back door.”


Anyone with information about the break in should contact Hampshire Police on 101.

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