A 25 year old male from Bitterne has been arrested following two sexual attacks.

Two women were assaulted in Southampton this week; one in Bedford Place early Tuesday morning and the other in Palmerston Park beside Southampton Solent University in the early hours of yesterday.

Hampshire Constabulary are urging people to be extra careful on nights out. So please remember, alcohol does not make you invincible guys!

I’m sure you’ve heard all of this before, but please make sure:
– BEFORE you go out, decide how you are getting home and who with.
Remember you can use the new safety bus put on by SUSU to get home from Bevois Valley.

– Don’t walk off ALONE. And make sure a friend always knows where you are.

– If you notice anything suspicious, call the police straight away.

If you have any further information regarding these assaults, please contact Southampton police by calling 101.


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  • Kitty

    Nice to see they’ve made an arrest.

    DON’T WALK HOME ALONE! And more importantly, don’t let your friends walk home alone. Its ridiculous the amount of students I see leaving Jesters on their own, obviously been left by their mates.


  • Doggerific

    Will I get arrested for sexually abusing myself?



    Like a some-booo-deeeeeeeeeeeeee!