The lads behind last year’s hot tub hysteria returned with a major blowout at the weekend, inviting guests to revel in their new and improved hot tub machine.


Best party of the year?

On Saturday night, the legendary Engineering and Science students had their guests in awe as they discovered that the inflatable pool from the previous bash had been replaced by a full-on wooden hot tub, steaming with heat.

Few could resist the temptation. It wasn’t long before the pool was teeming with people blowing off steam in the sweltering water.


Basking and boozing

After their epic party last year, Alex Garod, George Gallagher, Dan Saltmarsh, Sam Reynolds, George Johnson and Oli Short became campus legends, but they didn’t stop there.


Combining their engineering and scientific skills, the lads- with the help of friends Alice Trevail and Alex Grout- set themselves the challenge of building a permanent tub with a solid structure and a refined heating system.


The homemade hot tub in all its glory

Alex Garod told us: “We pulled out all the stops this time. We’ve improved on the hot tub design, we’ve replaced everything and we’ve built our own structure so we’re very happy with how it’s gone”.

They managed to build the structure in less than five hours and, in true student fashion, kept their spending to a minimum.

“For the structure, we resourcefully collected some pallets and the only thing we bought was a pond liner, which cost £50,” said Alex.

“Everything else was free from the scrap yard.”


Work in progress

The boys were particularly chuffed with the new heating system on their hot tub creation, which gets the water from cold to scolding hot in under an hour.


Stoking the fire

“We had the cover off the pool from 9 O’clock, and it was too hot to get in until 10,” Alex explained.


Too hot to touch

From 10pm onwards the hot tub was a hub of heat and hedonism, as guests got steaming in the steamy waters.

As directly quoted by one of the hosts, Sam Reynolds, the large ‘SEX’ banner mounted above the tub “allowed patrons of the hot tub to communicate under the afluence of incalcohol”.


Alcohol flowing

Will Hooper, fourth year Civil Engineer, attended the last bash and came back for more. He told the Soton Tab:

“Having survived hyperthermia, hepatitis and humiliation in the prelude earlier this year, the entirety of Southampton University were mightily looking forward to Round Two.


“The precedent’s bar had been set incredibly high, but holy heck did these brothers deliver again.”

Will told of how, in a frenzy of excitement, he took the plunge only to realise that he’d left his watch on:

“With no hesitation and in my intoxicated state I took off all my clothes and dived in head first, only to pay the ultimate price- despite taking off all my clothes I’d forgotten to take off my golden Primarni ankle watch.”


Will and his watch

Hannah Talbot, next year’s VP Engagement Sabb and keen party guest, was exhilarated by the sizzling hot tub. She said:

“Southampton you say? I thought I was back in south Brazil! Amazing effort on the boys’ part. It exceeded expectations and I had an awesome time. Post-exams Hot Tub Machine 3?!”


Euphoria surrounding the tub

The University Road boys went all out with decorating the garden as well, pitching a sail up to create a classy drinking area and adorning the trees with colourful lights.


Swanky garden decor


The path to hot tub heaven

Indeed, the delirium continued outside the hot tub. Guests filled the mystic garden, drinking, mingling and lapping up the euphoric vibes.


Much like last time, the conviviality continued inside the house too, where one of the boys’ bedrooms was cleared out and transformed into a dance floor with music blasting through huge speakers.


While it was the big highlight of the night, Alex assured us that this hot tub machine was not just a one-off, but is now a permanent feature in their garden:

“It’s now going to be a Wednesday thing. Come back from uni, switch on the tub, let it heat up, have dinner, chill out, get in the tub”.


Tub time: A new revision break

When asked what will be done with it come the summer when they graduate, he said the options are open, but next year’s tenants could be very lucky:

“We might destroy it, might take it with us, might sell it to the next house as a little asset”.

Satisfied guest Will added: “I don’t know how these lads made hot tub Time Machine resemble scenes of Project X, but if this were a sequel, it’s an Oscar winning performance”.

The question on everyone lips now is this: will Southampton’s hot tub heroes make it a trilogy?

Have you been to a Southampton party better than this? Surely not.


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    Can we get these guys to organise Grad Ball?


  • What a circlejerk.

    Considering nobody who wasn’t there ever wants to look through all of your house party photos on Facebook, what the hell made you think they’d want to do it on the Tab?


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    I went to a house party over the weekend. When would you like to do interviews about it? Will you be needing photos?


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    I was pacing about my room earlier thinking, gosh I wish I knew what that tiny minority of people were up to, and whether or not they could ever top the worldwide sensation that was the last hot tub party, but by jove, they’ve managed it!

    Was this party open to all? ticketed event? something that you know, might interest, the vast majority of students who aren’t in this little clique? I assume no, seeing as May Bulman and the rest of the tab produce nothing but vapid self congratulatory look how edgy we are articles this is no different.

    I know I may sound like the biggest hypocrite of 2015 with my commenting history but if you read this im sure you will agree, that the ego on these writers is absolutely astounding, not one ounce of value is contained within these articles other than self promotion. Just give up on even bothering to write these articles and just put up pictures of your instagram, the relevance is about the same


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    Haha sick article, fair play to them for being ladz. Everyone loves ladz! Da boyz making a warm pond (BREAKING: Warm pond briefly becomes hot pond then returns to comfortable temperature) is exactly the kind of diligent reporting we need more of. Coming soon – This Middle-Earth themed pub served colourful drinks, and you WONT BELIEVE what happened next!


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    What possessed you to write such an article? Why do you think anyone would care about a house party you went to? I’m not sure if you’re incredibly self-absorbed, or merely completely ignorant to what is going on beyond what you and your friends are up to on a Saturday night. Maybe you actually deem this to be newsworthy?


  • Stannis

    “Hannah Talbot, next year’s VP Engagement Sabb and keen party guest, was exhilarated by the sizzling hot tub. She said:

    “Southampton you say? I thought I was back in south Brazil! Amazing effort on the boys’ part. It exceeded expectations and I had an awesome time. Post-exams Hot Tub Machine 3?!””

    Glad to be graduating if this is what will be running the union next year