For the most cringe-worthy, shocking and downright vile student tales, is definitely the first stop for all your comic needs.

With over one thousand Facebook ‘likes’ in less than 24 hours, this is a page which is going to be distracting and entertaining students blissfully throughout their degrees for a long time to come.

Students have the opportunity to anonymously divulge all their twisted tales, from dirty deeds on campus to bed-hopping, man-sharing twins.

A favourite confession so far involves a one night stand, a razor, some questionable sink hair and a very distraught guy…

I just sat on my bed, I could have cried.

And it’s hardly surprisingly that quite a few of the confessions start with “One night in Jesters…”

What’s worse though, is that it seems that girls are the main culprits:

I once had sex with a bloke in the cupboard under the stairs in Jesters. 20 minutes I then had sex with his best mate in the girl’s toilets.

But it’s not all about the laughter, blagging and cringing: one bloke took the time to send out a (slightly) sincere apology,

To the girl I met in Jesters Monday night, I’d just like to say I sincerely hope your neck was OK today.

(N’awww, gotta love a gentleman!)

So, have something you want to get something off your chest? Click and reveal all! Facebookers are able to submit their confession via a message and the page owner will post it anonymously. Students are also able to submit a confession anonymously through a formspring entry.

It is currently unknown who the creators of the page are, but we’d like to buy them a pint!

And if you fancy laughing at your fellow students expense even more, head over to to see just how stupid we all really are!


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  • Joe Evelyn

    “I once had sex with a bloke in the cupboard under the stairs in Jesters. 20 minutes I then had sex with his best mate in the girl’s toilets.”- Why presume this person is female?



    Statistically there are more hetrosexual than homosexual people, and the fact that the second act occured in a female toilets would definitely suggest that the individual in question was female; 2 guys in the guys loos would be believable, 2 guys in the girls loos less so.


  • student

    Oh great another page to spread lies and rumours about students, much like “fit finder” a few years back.

    One of the posts on the main page already accuses a student (with first name and nationality) in Hartley grove of violently groping a girl in Jesters.

    Why do I get the feeling this could turn out very very badly for some people…


  • Freshest Fresher

    Stupid freshers. Seems that their lives are all about clubbing and getting wasted and shagging and chunder. Why the fuck do they even come to Uni? I hope Unis stop offering shit phoney courses like history arts sport science and stuff, these are just scum magnets. Blearrrgggghhhhhhhh… I’m puking.