Yet another Facebook fan page has become the new craze to sweep through Southampton Uni students newsfeeds. A page where students are encouraged to find love and share smutty looks across the bookcases, follows the trend of recent pages in going viral, having garnered over 1,000 likes in a matter of days.

A selection of anonymous messages can be found below:

“To the blonde girl a few rows away on level 3 of hartley who appears to be doing maths… If you want I can help you by subtracting your clothes, dividing your legs and then i can give you my solution.”


I always notice the same fitty when washing my hands too!

“Level 3 librarian with grey hair, glasses, and green sweater (probably a grandma). Your short skirt is a dream when you return books to the lower shelves…”


“There’s this total hotty who is always stood opposite me whenever I wash my hands in the sinks in the toilets, we always give each other cheeky smiles and check our hair together. I can’t see him when its dark…”


With exams looming, from a procrastination point of view this page has popped up at the perfect time to help you find love/someone to let off some steam with in the 5th floor disabled toilets!

For similar pages, Southampton Uni Complements and Southampton Uni Confessions are both worth a visit, along with the group !


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  • bob

    Oh look, another one of those groups… what will southampton related facebook groups become further saturated with next?

    “southampton university rants”?
    “found on the floor at southampton university”?
    “written on the wall of a southampton university toilet”?
    “disgusting things portswood locals seen doing”?
    “people at southampton university who look like celebrities”?
    “uses of the southampton university student union bean bags”


    Media Mogul

    I think this post could easily fit into the first of your groups. Well done!