2012 has been a big year. We’ve had the Olympics, the Queen’s Jubilee and, more importantly, we hit one MILLION hits. We’ve got together our five most popular articles from these past 366 days.

5. Why I’d Rather be at Solent

The long standing rivalry between ‘Us’ and ‘Them’ is a constant source of jokes and banter. But what happens when someone takes it too far? Alice North examined why Southampton’s students just can’t seem to get on with each other.

4. Why First Years Should be Banned from Campus

Tom Highnett is responsible for this article which created a massive buzz. At one point, every laptop screen in Hartley seemed to have this page up. The comment section runs to over 100 posts and most of them are hilarious. The capacity of our readers to wind each other up appears to be bottomless. If you have a few minutes to kill, just have a read through.

3. Roosters on FIRE

In a week where everything in Southampton appeared to be on fire, the blaze at Roosters really hit home. Everyone’s favourite Peri-Peri restaurant has been shut for six weeks now, but not to worry! Roosters is set to reopen in time for January Exams.

2. Hobbit UNDER SIEGE from Tolkien’s Orc Lawyers 

This was the biggest story we have ever broken. The international furore that sprung up around this story was started by us here at The Tab when our News Editor, Alex Bees, was on a booze-filled night out and caught wind of the outrage. Even Stephen Fry and Ian McKellen weighed in to save the humble Bevois Valley establishment. Not to brag or anything, but without us the Hobbit may be no more.

1. 50 Things to do before you leave Southampton Uni

Posted at the end of the last academic year and crafted by Ella Dove and Will McStay, this bucket list really hit a chord. People were bragging on social media and in the comments about how many they’d completed in their time. This list will be doing the rounds for some time yet, make sure to get checking them off! As this was so popular, watch out for 50 MORE things to do before you leave our fair town, next year – all contributions and suggestions welcome.

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