Here at the Soton Tab, we know what your priorities are: creepy messages to Tell Him/Tell Her, incessant complaints about the SUSU card charge and gaping holes in your memory where the only safe assumption is a night lost to Southampton’s favourite worst nightclub, Jesters. So we caught up with Nicolas Green, that fella you’ve all got on your Facebook friends for reasons you can’t quite recall.

Nick, with Hannah a bar maid and Danny a doorman.

Nick with Hannah and Danny.

Well, first off – How long have you been involved with Jesters, and what’s your role?

I’m the Manager of Jesters and the oldest of three brothers who run Clowns Wine Bar and Jesters Nightclub. I started working on the bar in Clowns when I was 18, and I did this for a year. I then spent the following three years working in Jesters as a bar man and a DJ. I’ve been the Manager ever since.

Who actually owns Jesters, and how long has it been going for?

It was opened by my parents in 1987. It used to be a bar similar to the Dungeon, called Prinnies.

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And when did the Gold Card come into being? The Gold Card challenge being a staple tradition of students across Southampton, who’s idea was that?

The Gold Card was started about five years ago and initially the only way to get it was to come to the Cider Festival which was a two day event. It is now a three day event and there’s also a one day ‘Jestfest’ in October where you can obtain a Gold Card. The festival was set up by myself, purely out of self interest – because I wanted to go to it! I’m yet to miss a single day. Cider and live music are my two favourite things.

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Nick hopes to see you at his favourite part of the year!

Nick hopes to see you at his favourite part of the year!

How much alcohol would you say Jesters goes through on a Monday night, and how much during an average day of the cider festival?

Haha, too much! You guys should slow down!

What’s the weirdest/funniest thing you remember from your time at Jesters?

About eight years or so ago, there was a gas leak in Portswood. Three roads of houses between us and the Gordon Arms were evacuated at around 11.30 on a Thursday evening. We went from what was a quiet pre exam night to a club full of students in dressing gowns and wrapped up in duvets. There must have been 400 of them – it was the best spontaneous fancy dress party I’ve ever seen!

What’s the worst thing about working at Jesters?

The worst thing about working in Jesters is definitely cleaning the toilets at the end of the night. Surprisingly, the girls’ toilets are far worse than the guys’.

Erm, this was definitely in the boys' toilet Nick.

Erm, this was definitely in the boys’ toilet Nick.

The famous two-bicle

The famous two-bicle in the ladies’

We've left our mark!

We’ve left our mark!

Can you give us any sneak previews of what to expect from Jesters in the next few months to a year?

Things to look out for in the future – Chick-o-Land’s garden, which is outside the dance floor is having a refurb, while the female toilets are having a total refurb, hopefully over the summer! There are also plans to have some work done to the garden and also to move the cloakroom to make the garden bigger.

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And finally, what do you say to Jesters being voted the worst nightclub in Britain?

Rumours of Jesters being the worst club in the country have been going round for years. Long before I even started work there. We love the accolade. It’s one of the best things that’s happened to us. We’re infamous because of it. And that’s that! Proud of our infamy and running it as every nightclub should be – in a way that the owners enjoy, and not just to steal your hard earned dosh.

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Everybody's favourite

Everybody’s favourite

jesters southampton

The one and only Palace of Dreams

What a lovely guy, thanks for chatting to us Nick! Next time you go to Jesters, tweet us you best pics to .

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  • Prince Harry

    What the fuck is wrong with you women? If the ladies’ are worse than the guys’ I can’t even imagine…


    Prince Charles

    As someone who’s worked as barstaff, the women’s toilets are always worse than the men’s. Some men might lose control and accidently (or maybe not) piss all over the floor and maybe chunder a bit. That’s cool, just get the mop out and it’ll be easy. I’ve experienced lipstick all over the mirrors and walls, tampons, and the worst smells known to man when I’ve had the displeasure of cleaning the ladies’. I’ve heard stories of shit smeared all over the walls before too.


  • the original jester

    Jesters is love, jesters is life


  • Thomas Hallam

    I’ve had so many bloody amazing nights in Jesters, keep it up guys you rule!!!!!!!!!!!