A fan of Sugar’s ‘Apprentice’? Want to rub shoulders with some of the business-world’s best? In this instalment of WHATSOC, we spoke to Peter Street, Vice President of Fish On Toast, to find out how his society can have you walking and talking money, socializing like a networking-pro and even get you hired!

1) Fish on Toast! Tell us a bit about what your society does?

Our mission statement is ‘Inspiring the next generation of Entrepreneurs’, which means we try to give students the inspiration and know-how that they need to start-up a successful business. We host guest speaker events with serial entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and student entrepreneurs, and we run workshops where we train our members in business, marketing and entrepreneurial skills. We are also famous for our competitions, such as our ‘Southampton Apprentice’ competition.

2) Why was your quirky society name chosen?

To this day I’m still unsure about where the name came from. The most common story I have heard from Alumni is that the original logo from 2002 looked like a fish on a bit of toast and so the pensive, laughable and unforgettable name has stuck ever since. I think the society’s strange and peculiar name gives people that initial interest, so we don’t plan on changing it.

3) What makes the society exciting?

I think the free Pizza at our events and the fact that members can engage with big names from the world of entrepreneurship. The fact that after each event you feel you can go out and achieve greatness! And that after speaking to an entrepreneur you may be presented with an internship or maybe even a job opportunity! And not forgetting, you have the opportunity to make some money!

4) Any ‘star stories’?

Huddle software founded by Alastair Mitchell, an ex-Southampton and FOT Alumni, has just raised $40 million for his growing business that provides software for the British Government and Kia. And in the New Year we have one of BBC’s online dragons, Julie Meyer, coming to speak about being a venture capitalist and entrepreneur!

5) University societies are known to have weird traditions, slogans and chants, does yours have any?

We are called Fish on Toast and we have a Mexican who can beatbox rather well. I think that’s weird enough. And the society is never short of very big and elaborate ideas.

6) Have there been any memorable socials or fancy dress costumes during your time as a member?

We think alcohol makes it easier to talk to people and encourages conversation so we often hold weekly Stag visits which turn into unexpected ‘networking events’, that often get messy and are held at different locations throughout the night. We have close links with Orange rooms and Oceana after our Apprentice competition and are often awarded alcohol and VIP benefits as a result of the publicity we give our associates. Those nights often turn memorable.

7) Clubs and pubs – any preferences as a society?

Actually, The Stile has been the venue of choice after most big occasions. It’s a good place to de-brief and it has a pool table on which to unwind and discuss strategy!

If you’re interested and would like to get involved in Fis on Toast, visit

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  • Liam ‘The Lifestlye’ Adams

    A good read and interesting responses. Would love to here more from this Peter Street, he sounds like a big deal.


  • deal or no deal

    Wow! can’t believe the sotontab go access to the big deal! Great interview!


    Portswood regular

    Pete’s a lovely boy by day but if you’ve only caught his eye at night you may have a different opinion already formed. You’ll probably be greeted by a wave and a question relating to the enjoyment level of your night. Following this extremely high levels of knowledge on your course and place of birth will be displayed. A few drinks later you’ll be getting the Pete Street treatment on the dancefloor. Relentless, but in truth, harmless. An often misunderstood character. If you decide he’s the man you are taking home, you can guarantee you’ll atleast be looked after with the possibility of a lift home in the morning on his infamous motorbike.


    Pete Peterson

    Good points raised here, got to say I agree. I’m afraid its his company which is more concerning. I believe the lad is known as Chris Harris, horribly immoral chap who has been heard to do unspeakable deeds. Some say he is actually a nice guy, but from what I’ve heard the evidence is to the contrary.


  • Dorp

    Fish on Toast REALLY went down hill about 4 years ago. I haven’t bothered with them since,

    One of those “want to be successful more than they want to do the thing they want to be successful at” groups of people.



    How is it possible to judge a society, which by your own admission, you haven’t bothered with? & how do you think it went ‘REALLY down hill’?