Southampton Soundclash has come and gone in a swirl of face glitter and huaraches. The weeks of anticipated build-up culminated in an event that was not only massively popular, but also garnered strong reviews from elsewhere.

Soundclash 1To look at Soundclash on a skin-deep level would ultimately lead to it standing out as little more than just another good electronic music festival held in just another city, but it seems now that that just is not the case. Southampton Soundclash might actually put Southampton on the map.

With a line-up that, while holding some big names, was not massive, it was an instant omen of the success of the festival when tickets began to sell thick and fast even after the first line up release.

With an incredibly positive and honest promotion campaign featuring perks like free tickets to people who had birthdays around the festival, and numerous competitions, it began to look like this was more of an event where people were asking who wasn’t going than who was, with all the electronic music faithful, as well as some who were probably new to the scene coming together.

Soundclash 3

But looking beyond the expensive bookings, there was a tangible feel that this was an incredibly Southampton-orientated event.

Big slots were given to local residents who many feel outshone the headliners, with Foor (who have repeatedly repped Southampton) putting in a show that had many rocking on the main stage. Bitr8 and Kirby too relished the opportunity. The duo played an eclectic mix of bassy records that drew people straight to the mainstage at a relatively early period.

It was in the house tent, though, that two local residents stole the show. Them Agen, following an impressive set from Green Velvet, came on and blew the roof off to close the night. It takes a great level of trust to allow residents to play such a heavy part in a debut festival, and this trust was massively repaid.

Soundclash 2

With another Soundclash taking place in September, it is no doubt that the success of the event just passed will result in a boosted line up, and greater resources to make the event even more enjoyable – plenty of names of the RA top 100 perhaps?

The event was not perfect, but with the massive popularity, combined with a team that has delivered on countless occasions this year, Soundclash could very well be the next big thing for Southampton.

Soundclash 4

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  • anon

    Southampton already on the map you JACK ASS!



    what, as one of the least cultured cities in the south of england?


  • MyBrothersKeeper

    The biggest music event to happen in Southampton since Craig David’s year 10 talent show…and it didn’t even take place in Southampton.

    Southampton – the cultural colon of the South Coast.