With deadlines long behind us and January exams in the not too distant future, Christmas spirit is certainly in the air. It’s not long before we all leg it home in search of family, peace and quiet (okay, in search of heating, free food and booze, but the sentiment is the same), so why not do some Christmassy stuff with your uni fam beforehand? Here are my top 5 ways to have a uni Christmas before the end of term!

1) Christmas Dinner.Yes, a huge roast turkey glistening from the oven, surrounded by perfect roasties and the widest array of veg a student has ever seen would be perfection, but you’re going to get that at home(hopefully). The best part of a student Christmas dinner is it doesn’t matter what the actual food is, just whack in some crackers and paper hats with your usual grub and you’ll be laughing. Beans on toast just got festive.

2) Film Night. No Christmas is complete in my house with watching Scrooge and The Muppet Christmas Carol, so why not inflict your appalling taste in Christmas films with housemates? All pick one and make it a challenge to get through them all in one night. Mulled wine and Christmas snacks are a must for this one.

3) Decorate Your House. Deck The Halls With Crappy Tinsel, Fa La La La La, La La La La! Get down to a pound shop and grab as much cheap tat (I mean, quality goods) as you can possibly lay your hands on. You don’t need a tree, but mini plastic ones are pretty cheap so give it a go! Even if the end result is on par with an industrial explosion in Santas Grotto, I guarantee it’ll be a right giggle.

4) Get The Party Started. Christmas Tunes + Mates + Booze = guaranteed good time. Get everyone round, crank up the music and party until at least half of you have ended up face down in the toilet. Try and avoid a noise complaint though, there’s nothing festive about those!

5) Winter Wonderland. You can’t consider yourself a Southampton student without having graced Jesters Winter Wonderland at least once. There’s a Santa’s Grotto with amazing quality gifts (last year’s hall included delightful Ruben-esque ballet dancer ornaments and South Park ties) and the standard delight that is Jester’s dancefloor, made all the better by cheesy Christmas tunes. In the words of Mariah Carey(sort of): “All I want for Christmas is a Jesticle. Oooooooooooooh baby.”

Got any other ways to make Christmas student-tastic? Let us know in comments.


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