Voting has closed, campus will soon return to normality and the next set of Sabbs and student leaders will be announced tonight.

We released our exit polls yesterday and with nearly 3000 votes across the seven Sabbatical positions, here’s who could be in next year’s team. Last year, these exit polls were 6/7 correct, so whether they’re that close this time round, we’ll have to wait until 8pm tonight to find out.

exit poll sabbs

According to the exit polls, here’s who could be on the next Sabb team.

For President, not counting joke candidate Joe Hart who has taken the lead, it looks sets to be David Mendoza-Wolfson, closely followed by Marcus Burton.

President poll

VP DCI looks like Anjit has won the public vote with 39%.

vp dci polls

If the exit polls are anything to go by, VP Education looks set to be taken by Sophia D’Angelico.

vp education polls

With 39% of the vote, Jamie Hemingway could be the next VP Engagement.

vp engagement polls

Katie Lightowler has VP Sports Development in the bag after the only other candidate, Adam Proudley pulled out.

vp sports development polls

Tom Rogers, who initially ran for every position dropped them to compete against rerunner, Oli Coles for VP Communities. Tom is leading the exit polls with 49% of the votes

vp communities polls

The hotly contested VP Welfare role has seen rerunner Beckie Thomas take the exit poll lead.

vp welfare polls

Winners of the positions will be announced tonight from 8pm.


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  • Shane the Pain

    Um Joe Hart is not a joke candidate, if he wins he will take up office.


  • Pain in the arse

    Doesn’t mean to say he’s not taking the mickey


  • Unknown Candidate

    A candidate is a candidate and if they win an exit poll and several others then you can’t disregard them. This is appalling and the Tab coverage this year shows why you shouldn’t be covering the elections in a serious capacity



    Last year, joke candidate Jim Dykes won the exit poll, ahead of the two key runners Gilani and Peewee. Jim was excluded from the final prediction and so should Joe if he’s not serious about the role of President.

    If you’re a real candidate then have the balls to put your name on the comment.

    Coverage this year has been very interesting and no doubt increased the awareness of a usually apathetic audience. Yeah not everything went okay but I’ve followed the soton tab every step of the way to stay updated.

    I like to think I take elections seriously, having read every candidate’s manifesto and kept an eye on their campaigning (if any) to make an informed judgement of who I’d vote for. Given my stance and perspectives I think the coverage this year has been extremely informative and at times, serious – despite the obvious cock ups.

    You’re obviously an anti-tab person and if you’re a real candidate then you’ll struggle in office with typical narrow-minded attitude.


    Unknown Candidate

    I’m not a real candidate but I do know what Shane the Pain (if that is his real name) says is true.


  • Sonu

    It’s a relief to find soenome who can explain things so well