The World Cup is like a whirlwind that every four years sweeps into town, pushing vital news stories down the pecking order. Here are some stories that you may have missed whilst you watched Nigeria and Iran play out that magnificent 0-0 the other day.

Google has decided to ban a group of independent music labels from putting music on their YouTube channels.

Google are developing a music subscription service, requiring a change in their music contracts, which were rejected by some. The attempt to strong-arm the labels would mean music by the likes of Adele and Arctic Monkeys will be blocked on YouTube – at least on the label’s official channel. Apparently they will still be around on Vevo. Funnily, that is another company owned by Google. Odd that.

Past minor convictions and cautions will no longer be used in criminal record checks.

A man who tried to get a job when he was 17  was rejected because criminal record checks revealed that he had received police cautions when he was 11. A woman also joined the lawsuit who was prevented from getting a job due to a caution that she had received 8 years prior. Whilst this passing seems beneficial, this could cause further problems in the future – how do you decide what crimes employers have a right to know about?

Scientists actually created a new strain of Spanish flu.

For those of you who have forgotten, this is the deadly strain that spread across the world in 1918, killing more people than the First World War actually did, remember? Fun times. The new strain is only 3% different to the original, and whilst  the scientists who created it say it will allow for further study of flu strains, many scientists criticised the team for conducting a “dangerous” and “crazy” experiment.


A British satellite company has identified the area of the Indian Ocean that the plane is most likely to have crashed. Unsurprisingly, it has not actually been searched yet. Another setback for the search team who have now been working for over three months to try and find the plane.

And finally, a new army has emerged in Thailand as multiple powers vie for control in the troubled country. All .

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