As of next year SUSU will be running all of the University of Southampton’s Intra-Mural sports leagues.

Intra-Mural sports have become increasingly popular at the University and it is now a large part of the VP Sports role. Evan Whyte revealed the news in a recent blog post.

As well as creating an inaugural IM Committee and an IM Officer position, SUSU will now take control of all IM programmes for 2014/2015. There will be a member of staff  who will be responsible for running and organising Intra-Mural sport. This change should give IM the support it deserves.

Basketball Varsity

Another development sees the price of registering a team being considerably lower than before: Netball drops from £87.50 to £35. Football from £137.50 to £55 and Rugby from £187.50 to £75, but you’ll still have to buy a gym membership before you can play in any of the competitions.

Katie Lightowler, VP Sports for 2014-2015, said:

This news about the intra-mural is fantastic, huge thanks to Evan, Jamie and the I.M committee for all their hard work. The decrease in fees and having the operational side of I.M run by SUSU , will have a big impact in improving student sport. Next year , I look forward to continuing to work with Jamie and the new I.M committee to ensure smooth transition of I.M to SUSU ownership.

Rugby Varsity

And more good news everyone! Southampton will soon regain its spot in the Top 20 BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport) table, once the table has been properly updated. This has been partially put down to the Sports Development Zone spending ALL its budget this year, compared to big underspends in previous years. And hopefully next year the University will push even higher up the league as the Zone Budget is set to increase again by £30,000, which will be put towards improving the coaching of our sports teams. More information on this can be found here.

Is SUSU taking control of Intra-Mural sports a good thing? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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