We all know student homes have their fair share of problems- damp, slugs and eternal coldness to name a few. But a problem you may not have been expecting this year is POISONOUS SPIDERS.

Spider 2

This isn’t actually a tube spider, we didn’t want to get too close. But you get the gist.

A couple in Eastleigh had to evacuate their home after finding it infested with poisonous tube spiders. Around 50 nests of the green fanged, hairy critters were found in the outside walls of their home. The spiders are also suspected to be hiding in the wall cavities.

A young Southampton family have also experienced an invasion in their home. Around 100 spiders were found living in the cracks in the exterior brick work. Mr Jackson, an online trader, told the Daily Mail:

At first I saw one when I went out in my garden and I didn’t think much of it. But when it got dark they all came out and there must have been more then 50 of them.

The spiders are one of the largest in Europe often growing to larger than a 50p. Their normal pray are cockroaches, bees, moths and hungover students. Originally from the Mediterranean, they are now common areas around the UK, especially port cities. The spiders bite is similar to a deep injection or a bee sting and can cause pain for several hours. However there are no long lasting side effects.

So lock your doors students of Southampton, tube spiders on the loose!

Spied any of these spiders in your homes? Or any other kind of interesting insects? Let us know in the comments!


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  • DJ Travis

    you fucking what. time to nuke southampton and start anew.


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    SotonTab once again uses it’s ‘we’re independent of SUSU’ excuse to tell sensatonalist tabloid stories


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    You sound like a real bundle of laughs



    You clearly don’t understand the difference between a stand up performance and an internet comment section.