Think you have an eye for fashion? If you love all things style and want to meet other people who share this interest then the Fashion Society is for you! The Soton Tab brings you an exclusive interview with Fashion Soc President, Mehreen Hashmi.

So tell us a little bit about how the Fashion Society started and what you’re all about?

Fashion Soc was set up about a year and a half ago. Our society is all about embracing and appreciating personal style. It’s a great way to meet people who have similar interests in fashion, especially for those who aren’t doing a fashion degree. We organise fashion events and welcome anyone who is interested in styling, photography, blogging, modelling, directing, hair and makeup- basically anything fashion-related!

fashion 1How did you get into fashion yourself?

I’ve been interested in fashion and style from a young age, which probably started when I used to raid my mum’s closet! I also got a lot of style inspiration from my Aunt who has great style. I’ve always loved fashion magazines, I enjoy watching styling programmes and ‘Fashion TV’ and at school and college I studied Art and Textiles. Fashion was always a fun hobby for me and I believe that if you look good, you feel good.

What kind of socials and events do you guys get up to and when?

We have monthly photo shoots which are a lot of fun! Our next one will be at the end of this month, so keep an eye out!  For the rest of the year and next semester we are planning to have more socials with interesting themes (such as ‘No clothes’), some of which we will collaborate with other societies. As well as these we’ll have a fashion film night, trips to fashion exhibitions and to London, DIY workshops, have guest speakers from the fashion industry and a big fashion show in December which will be in collaboration with the Anthony Nolan society which is a great charity. We are also going to be doing a monthly ‘Spotted style on campus’ for our blog so look out, we may spot you!

Do you have to be a fashion expert to join?

No, you just need to be interested in anything fashion-related. The great thing about this society is that you don’t need any prior experience and you can try things you may have never had the chance to try before!

Got any fashion tips for readers who are struggling to get that ‘rolled out bed with a hangover but I’m ready for uni’ look?

I recommend dry shampoo (works like magic), then back comb your hair and tie it into a high pony tail. Wear simple makeup- foundation, concealer, mascara, a bit of lippy/Vaseline and some bronzer just so you don’t look pasty. When it comes to clothes- stay simple. If in doubt wear all black, it always looks chic. Otherwise stick with simple colours. You can’t go wrong with skinny jeans, a V-neck T-shirt, necklace, leather jacket and a stylish pair of boots. Finally, wear lots of perfume and depending on how hungover you are, wear sunglasses.

How many members do you currently have and what is the boy/ girl ratio like?

Last year we had around 50 members however this year we have hundreds on our mailing list. There are more girls than boys but we want that this to change! This year we have many more male members.

Looking fierce ladies

Looking fierce ladies

What would be your number one rule for outfits in Jesters?

Never wear a pair of shoes that you like.

What are your fashion ‘no-no’s?

It all comes down to individual style. Fashion is a trend as it is whatever is popular. Everyone can be fashionable because fashion is something you can buy, however, I believe that style is something that comes naturally. So I may think something is stylish, while someone else may not agree. However in my opinion, a big fashion no-no are UGG boots. I also don’t like it when boys’ jeans are skinnier and tighter than my own and when their V-necks are deeper than my own!

And finally, the question on everyone’s lips – Jesters or Sobar?


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