The day has arrived. Valentine’s is upon us.

To give us all a feel for the occasion, we took to campus yesterday to find out what people are getting up to on this drizzly V-day weekend.

Any lonely souls out there will be reassured to see that the majority of students asked have plans that are far from romantic…

PhD student, Adam, grins and embraces the fact that he will be lonely this Valentine’s. Let the tears (and the beers) flow.

cryIf Adam is crying, second year English student James is taking it to a whole new level. Enough said.


Hannah, Masters student in Psychology, is celebrating the day with a takeaway. Who needs a man when you’ve got Chowmein.


Second year Engineering students Ryan and Dilan are seizing the day with a bit of spontaneity. Who knows what number 2 will be.


Not all of us have the choice in the matter, though. Dan, second year Geography student, will be watching Valnetine’s antics ensue from behind the bar.


Olivia, English and Film second year, has got a housemate date. At least she won’t be enjoying the chicken tikka and peshwari naan alone.


French and Music fourth year Nick is going for a weekend of clubbing. The dance floor is where it’s at.


Joel, second year History student, has evidently been inspired by a recent film release. The timing is ideal.


Masters students Heather and Rose have no shame in the fact that they are simply planless. Keep smiling, girls.


Third year engineer, James, is opting for some chilling time with the lads. No need for girls.


Meanwhile, fourth year ship science kid, Alex, is off to visit some monkeys. He claims it’s a date, but the chances are he’s going alone.


Ollie, third year politics student, is off to enjoy an entirely unromantic day in the capital.


There you have it. Not everyone is having the romance-filled, love heart brimming, soppy talk fuelled Valentine’s day that you may think.

After all, it’s just another day!

What are you up to today? Anything more riveting than these guys? Let us know in the comments below (nothing soppy or romantic please).


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  • babel

    My Valentine’s day question is: when are you free for a drink, you sultry seductress?


  • Flaps

    English Student James you’re a dickhead