Students on University Road pulled out all the stops to support runners in the ABP Southampton Half Marathon this morning, providing music, high fives and even a few beers.


Spurring on the brave runners

A large group of hungover students were ready with whistles, pots and pans and large speakers when the runners began passing through University Road at around 10:30am.

Classic tunes such as Eye of the Tiger and We are the Champions blasted out, giving the panting participants a motivational boost during the tough 13-mile run.


A hub of support

As well as playing music, the students had out some leftover beers from the house party they hosted the night before and offered them out to runners. While some refused it, others gladly took the alcoholic beverage for the road.


Anyone for a beer?

Arms outstretched, the keen supporters tried to high-five as many runners as possible, leading to sweaty palms all round.


High fives all round

Pierre and John, who live on University Road, brought their pans and spoons out for the event. Pierre said:

It’s really great what they’re doing, big respect. All these runners deserve our support, and we’re having a great time giving it!


Dedicated supporters with their kitchen utensils

Similar hubs of support were dotted at various points along the route, including outside the halls of residences, where freshers came out to cheer the runners on.

Southampton student Rob Frith, who came an impressive sixth place, completing the route in just one hour and 18 minutes, said:

It was a big surprise actually because I hadn’t run well in ages! It was a really fun race with a great atmosphere and support. Running past Monte was awesome because loads of friends came out.

Erin McCreedy, second year student of Podiatry, also took part. She told the Soton Tab:

I thought the support in particular on University Road was very positive, particularly for us as students having familiar faces helping us through a particularly difficult stage of the race!

Oscar Miles, fourth year Physics student who managed to smash his personal best in the race, also appreciated the support en route. He said:

It was a good hilly course around Southampton and a great atmosphere, especially along University Road!

A big well done to everyone who ran in the AMP Half Marathon today- now you can go and enjoy a beer.


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  • John

    Those guys were awesome. De do helped me round at a particularly tough part of the course! Thanks!!


  • Jemima Puddle-Duck

    Really appreciated the lungfuls of smoke from their BBQ 9 miles into a half marathon.

    Shame there’s literally no mention of the students and staff who were on the campus section of the run screaming encouragement out.


    George Foreman

    Get out of their grill. Let’s not be bacon a big deal out of this Jemima. Don’t understand your beef. You shouldn’t be porkin’ any fun at them, they were just ham-in a good time.