Bring & Mix has all the ingredients for a great night out.

five stars

It’s rare that as a student of small means I get to do anything particularly fancy, but a few weeks ago, I received a lovely message from a new cocktail experience in Bedford Place inviting me along to try out a new night called Bring & Mix.

Tired of lukewarm beer at Jesters I decided that I wanted to be like the the celebrities for a night and get pissed on exotic drinks, seeing as the closest thing I’d had to a cocktail in six months was when I tried to add lime cordial to a vodka and Tesco’s own “red bull”( I call it a Disappointment on the beach™).


Obviously took my gloves off before I started drinking

The whole vibe of Bring & Mix is pretty cool. It’s got an American prohibition feel to it and this permeates through everything in there, from the clothes the front of house are wearing to the music being played. As well as this you’ve got to book an ‘appointment’ to see a Mr J. Thomas: you knock on the door, give your name, ask for this random guy and they let you in. A pretty nice touch, I thought.

There’s no menu, no wait time. You pay £15 for a ticket, bring your own bottle of booze and the guys there mix you cocktails for about two hours. Also, if you want to go on a night out afterwards, you can leave any alcohol you don’t finish there and come collect it later. They are also super-efficient- I didn’t not have a drink in my hand for more than five minutes.


Sexy Cocktail

As for the cocktails? They are un-fucking-believable. Honestly, they gave new life to my tastebuds, which had been dulled from weeks of ready meals and cheap beer. I could literally hear my tongue whispering “Thank you” as I drank the incredible Amaretto mixture they had concocted at a fast enough rate to genuinely concern the couple opposite us.

After Amaretto they did one with vodka, then one with gin (which I usually hate), then one with all three, and they were all just so great. They finish off by giving you a couple of cocktail shots, which are also divine.

All of the staff there are friendly, charming and really welcoming to students. In fact, they even mentioned that they priced their night with students in mind.


Sexy Cocktail Numero Dos

Honestly, if you’re looking to impress anyone- a partner, a parent, a partner’s parent, or pretty much anyone who likes having an orgasm (and not the cocktail called an Orgasm either) in their mouth- bring them here.

A ticket at £15 quid is an absolute bargain, and the whole experience is refreshingly different. I will definitely be going again. To be honest, I’d even go again if it was more expensive. I can see those cocktails causing a lot of drinking problems.

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  • Lel

    This is hilarious


  • Dylan Craig

    Defo going there with my multiple sexual partners!