Final Year students, you can for your place at graduation as of 25th March.


You have from 25th March until 5th June to apply. Don’t miss out.

You should have received an email from the University this morning confirming your ceremony and details of how to apply.

Note that minor changes have been made to the graduation timetable. You can see the updated version here.

This year’s summer graduation takes place from Wednesday 15th July- Thursday 23rd July 2015.

For more information, click here and here.

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  • Anon

    So informative when soton tab make an article from the uni emails, great journalism!


    Anon 2.0

    Actually, I haven’t received any email regarding the changes to graduation timetable, if it wasn’t for sotontab I would still be turning up an hour early looking like a right fool! So thanks SotonTab!


    You bumder

    Yeah it’s almost as if people actually care about when their graduation is.