Skepta is coming to Switch and the buzz is already massive.

Most Skepta fans, and Switch fans alike, are probably surprised that one of the biggest names in the Grime scenes will be shutting down Southampton.


After his recent exposure through Instagram post dedications from Drake, appearances on stage at the BRITS with Kanye West and viral beef with other prominent Grime artists, it was unexpected.

Switch have intrigued their Facebook fans by confirming that the date of Skepta’s visit will be announced after Soundclash.

The questions all Skepta fans will be asking is whether he will appear with his brother, JME, or even possibly other members of BBK?

Regardless, this will be an exciting event.

Ryan Keary, the owner of Switch, told the Soton Tab:

We want to stay in touch with what people want and not just be exclusive to house and tech music.

Skepta wanted to do the show, and who are we to say no to someone who’s highly regarded by some of the best artists and producers in the world?

If the name ‘Skepta’ is a mystery to you, the best description would be a roadman with a talent for rapping and lyricism.

One of his most notable appearances was on stage with Kanye West at the BRITS in 2015, or the recent ‘Grime scene beef’ between him and Devil Man.

You may have also heard his track That’s Not Me getting some serious radio airtime and recognition by club DJs, or even stumbled across the rather explicit All over the House music video back in 2011.

Regardless of whether you are a fan, or a fan of Grime music in that matter, Skepta is likely the best artist to showcase the genre.

Keep an eye on the Switch Facebook page or website for more information.

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  • out-of-touch 4th year

    Who the fuck is Skepta? What happened to Earthquake & Party Rock Anthem? #1styearmemories


  • Croydon Mandem

    Manaman’s baaaare hyped for this. Swear down never thought I’d skank it out to Skepta in Southampton #CroydonUponSea