Last week, many didn’t know what Soundclash was. They’d heard it was a festival thing happening in a field in Eastleigh, but that was about it. People bought tickets because their mates were or they had seen a poster at 4am while leaving Switch.

You could call it 10,000 people in a small field outside Eastleigh football ground. Enticing?

Or thousands of glitter-covered ravers jumping about on a muddy pitch on the rural outskirts of Southampton with mad light shows, multiple stages and world-class performers. Better?

soundclash 4

Hosted by Warehouse project in collaboration with Switch, over 50 acts performed across four stages until midnight. With festivals along the South Coast becoming increasingly popular, Soundclash offered an impressive line up, with Hannah Wants, Gorgon City, DJ EZ and Kidnap Kid headlining the main stage from 2pm.

The weekend was undoubtedly a formidable challenge to Wildlife festival in Brighton and definitely a great contrast to the line up of Common People, arriving in Southampton at the end of May.


Ryan Keary spoke on behalf of the team of organisers, telling Soton Tab that the “audience absolutely smashed it”, and that “the next Southampton Soundclash will be even better”.

The success of the mixed genres and the energy of the acts have definitely proved to organisers that Southampton has a festival-loving population. Ryan also emphasised the importance of getting local acts to perform, putting the South of England on the festival map.


Dedicated to EDM music, the turnout of the festival has emphasised the increasing popularity of the genre. The four stages showcased an exciting variety, with stages dedicated to Drum & Bass, Trance and House supplementing the main stage.

Regardless of whether you are a house head or not, it is doubtful that anyone can claim that they didn’t enjoy it.

Soundclash set up

If the festival wasn’t enough, tickets also offered after parties at Switch, Engine Rooms and Route 94. DJ Zinc was the special guest at Engine Rooms, with Tensnake appearing at Switch. Though the understandably manic taxi and shuttle service from the festival may have put some rain-soaked ravers off.

The weather should have been a problem, but it wasn’t. The paranoid pessimists joined the orchestra beforehand crying that “the rain is going to ruin everything”, but they were wrong.


The grass in front of the main stage may have turned from turf to swamp by 8pm, but by that point not much could have dampened anyone’s spirits. Fortunately for those eager to stay dry, three of the stages were sheltered, with Tube & Berger and Green Velvet headlining the house stage in the space tent.

Soundclash 2

The atmosphere was incredible, regardless of raincoats and windbreakers being the mandatory outfit. Crazy sunglasses, bandanas, running face paint and daisy chains were still everyone’s guilty festival pleasure. Each stage was buzzing, especially the DNB stage, hosting Friction, DJ Hype and DJ Hazard.

Crowd participation across all stages was also entertaining, and made for some great photos. Ruined trainers and grass stains were nevertheless abundant, especially after the crowd avalanche during the DJ EZ set.


Apart from the variation of EDM music, the aesthetics of the festival were impressive. The lighting show was something to marvel at and was actually complimented by the rain. Warehouse organisers have also assured The Tab that the lighting for the next event will be even better, with bigger tents, lasers and possibly more stages.

If dancing to heavy bass isn’t your favourite hobby, there was a range of other activities such as theme park rides. Otherwise there was always the option of joining Bryan Kearney or Judge Jules in the Trance stage, if mad progressive psychedelic vibes are your thing, or for those who had completely lost the battle with sobriety.


If you went to Soundclash and enjoyed it, or if you want to experience the next, it returns on the 26th of September in Southampton. Keep an eye on the Warehouse or Switch Facebook pages.

Did you go to Soundclash? What were the highlights for you? Let us know in the comments below!


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