Southampton’s own ‘professional adventurer’ has free climbed up Mayflower Halls.

Armed with only a GoPro strapped to his forehead, James Kingston has released footage of his scaling the building. The 24-year-old uses scaffolding and construction equipment to ascend the 12 floors, creating a vertigo inducing video.

James Kingston 1

Originally from Southampton, James describes himself as unable to ‘attain his creative potential’ through the British educational system. He decided that climbing massive structures and dangling hundreds of feet above cities would fulfill his creative cravings.

Recently arrested in Dubai for attempting to climb the city’s second tallest tower, the budding daredevil has gained an incredible online following. Recording his ascensions to ludicrous heights, and his partiality to selfies at the top of cranes, he always gets a great reception.

James Kingston 2

When we asked him back in 2013 what goes through his mind while climbing, James responded:

Not much really. I get a huge sense of freedom, it’s super peaceful as I do most stuff at around 5am and I just have this massive appreciation for life. People assume I run off adrenaline and get some kind of ‘rush’ from it but it’s not like that at all.

While not many of us would describe climbing the exterior of Mayflower Halls as peaceful, the video does encourage a rush of adrenaline.  Mayflower residents- don’t get any ideas!

From jumping roofs in Southampton to climbing half-finished buildings in India, we can expect to see a lot more death defying stunts from James.

To follow more of the Southampton daredevil’s adventures, visit his website or like his .


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  • Luke

    There’s at least a second person holding the camera at times.


  • Dan ‘Glue’ True

    JAMES F**KINGSTON!!! He is my CLIMBING Hero!

    They call me Dan ‘Glue’ True because I stick to rooftops, crane booms and ledges like glue! You’ll see me around, at dawn, look up, ill be there!