Controversial comedian Dapper Laughs is coming to Southampton next month as a part of his comeback tour from a storm of accusations.

dapper laughs

Dapper (real name Daniel O’Reilly) will be playing The Joiners on 29th June, havingto retire the character after accusations of misogyny and joking about rape during previous live shows.

Dapper was the star of an ITV2 show last year, Dapper Laughs: On the Pull, which was cancelled after a petition garnered over 68,000 signatures, accusing the comedian of normalising “everday sexism”. In response, O’Reilly appeared on Newsnight and apologised tearfully, claiming to have seen the error of his ways.

Yet the lucrative nature of his popularity has seemingly proven hard to resist, and the Joiners show marks his continued comeback into live comedy.

Prior to his cancellation and ‘retirement’, the comedian accused his critics of attempting to “100% violate his freedom of speech”. But the star has retained his social media following – indeed, Dapper is one of the first stars to have been catapulted into the media limelight through his social media reach. Many criticise his acts as exemplary of “lad culture”, something that is seeing an increase in popularity on campuses across the United Kingdom.

Whatever happens with Dapper, the champion of “young men needing advice on talking to women” will certainly not be escaping the limelight just yet.

Will you be going to see Dapper Laughs perform in Southampton? Do you find his act offensive, or do you think that censoring his jokes is an assault on freedom of speech? Tell us in the comments below.


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